So basically, I’ve compiled a list of Taylor Swift songs that are her NOT bashing the boy she has dated because I had alot of free time tonight. This list is for all the  annoying haters that claim she is going to write a terrible song about Harry. I made comments next to songs that I wanted to and some I left blank. It’s kind of a long post but I feel like Haylor blogs will appreciate it since they see the hate every day.

Let’s just go by album.

Taylor Swift(lulzzz at her first album name whateva)

1. Teardrops On My Guitar- this song is sad, but is is not her bashing the guy. She’s just sad.
2. A Place In This World- This isn’t about love.
3. The Outside- This isn’t about love at all.
4. Tied Together With A Smile- This isn’t about love. Also, I really enjoy this song.
5. Stay Beautiful- This song is about a guy but it’s sweet and romantic.
6. Mary’s Song- Not even about her.
7. Our Song- EVERYONE knows this song. And everyone should know it’s not her bashing a guy/
8. I’m Only Me When I’m With You- nice song, etc etc
9. Tim McGraw
10. Invisible- this song gets me, anway its not bashing


1. Fearless
2. Fifteen- not even about love
3. Love Story- fantasy, etc etc
4. Hey Stephen- I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. anyway its a nice song
5. You Belong With Me
6. Breathe
7. The Way I Loved You- shes saying theyre both cray cray for each other
8. The Best Day- not even about love
9. Change- not even about love
10. White Horse

Speak Now

1. Mine
2. Sparks Fly
3. Back To December- I enjoy this song because its the first song she admits its her fault
4. Speak Now- fantasy
5. Mean
6. The Story of Us
7. Never Grow Up- not even about love
8. Enchanted
9. Innocent- Kayne West song where shes telling him its OKAY CUZ SHES FLAWLESS
10. Haunted
11. Last Kiss- sigh. this song is so sad. people should really check the boyce avenue cover of this
12. Long Live- Not even about love

And now, RED

1. State of Grace
2. Red- ill just..sdjghdsgjs this one can be up for debate
3. Treacherous
4. All Too Well- she blames herself and him
5. 22- not even about love
6. I Almost Do
7. Stay Stay Stay- a fantasy
8. The Last Time- I enjoy this song alot because it reminds me of her Hunger Games songs and honestly, they both admit to having faults in this song which makes it perf
9. Holy Ground
10. Sad Beautiful Tragic
11. The Lucky One- not even about love
12. Everything Has Changed
13. Starlight- not even about her
14. Begin Again

So, as you would see plenty of her songs aren’t even about love especially her most famous not-about-love song, Ronan. And I’d say a good percentage of her songs aren’t even about break ups.  Now for the songs that bash guys or whatever.

Picture To Burn
Should’ve Said No- Honestly, this is just saying he shouldn’t have cheated.
Cold As You- This really isn’t bashing. I guess it could be she just basically says hes rude and wasn’t a good person to her.
You’re Not Sorry- Admittedly, I didn’t really think this was a bashing song but I could see how some see it is.
Tell Me Why- this is bashing but no one knows who it is about so idc.
Dear John- yeah yeah we know bla bla but i seriously doubt shes going to write a Dear Harry song
Better Than Revenge- the only reason I put this here is because she was bashing someone but it wasnt a guy but whatevaaa
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- I’d probz say this is one song I do get annoyed with and I wouldn’t say she’s really bashing him so much as she’s telling him over and over again they’re not getting back together, like ever.
I Knew You Were Trouble- yeah she bashes him i guess whatever we still dont know if its about Jake or John and personally, i dont care.

Point is, not all of her songs are bashing guys. And just because she’s had two famous songs bashing guys does not mean she’s going to bash Harry. Harry’s a big boy anyway. He can handle himself. And anyway, as long as Harry treats her right she won’t even have to write a bad song about him. Also, she does not get offended at the slightest things. You have to hurt her pretty bad in order for her to really write a mean song about you -coughJOHNMAYERcough-. If anything, she’ll probably end up writing cute songs about their relationship that you WONT EVEN SEE UNTIL 2014 SO IDK WHY YOU ALL ARE FREAKING OUT NOW.\

the end

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